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About Us

Welcome to Deepoo Nursery

We are based in Mangalwedha, Solapur District, which is founded in 1992. The founder is B.Sc.(Agri.) and having theoretical as well as practical knowledge with 25 years experience in satisfying retail and wholesale customers. The company is appreciated for its initiative in making the society greener and healthier. Adopting ethical business practices, the company has ascertained huge clientele all round the India.
What We provide

Our Services

  • Establishment
  • Development & Services
  • Gardening


We undertake lawn plantation with various varieties of lawn from preparation of soil, application of compost and fertilizer, anti termite treatment, lawn plantation and maintenance.
  • Establishment of Lawn.
  • Establishment of Artificial Lawn.
  • Green whales years waters.
  • Subdue unto wherein dry man heaven.

Development & Services

We prepare computerized garden plan, design & layout as site. Also We have huge experience in developing formal and informal types of garden with public as well as private sectors.
  • Landscaping Services.
  • Garden Plan and Layout.
  • Garden Development.
  • Irrigation System
  • Supply of Plants


We are experts in gardening for growing vegetables, flowers, fruits, ornamentals, and lawns on terraces.
  • Kitchen Gardening.
  • Terrace Gardening.
  • Vertical Garden.
  • Organic & Vermi compost gardening.
  • Garden Maintenance.
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