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Deepoo Nursery is a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of Flowering Plants, Fruit Plants, Roses, Garden Plants, Indoor and Outdoor Plants, Landscape Plants, Ornamental Plants, Shrub Plants, Avenue Plants and specially for Lawn. The company is appreciated for its initiative in making the society greener and healthier. Adopting ethical business practices, the company has ascertained huge clientele all round the India.



Ground Covers

The company is offering a great
variety of Ground Covers that
are effective in decorating
your environment

Fruit Plants

Apart from being eco-friendly,
Fruit Plants have numerous
enticing features such as
tasty fruits guaranteed

Flower Plants

We cater a large assortment
of Flowering Plants that
enhance the beauty of the


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Plants with improved features and better traits that distinguish them from common varieties.

Deepoo Nursery

Deepoo Agro Services

Deepoo Agrotechs

Terrace Gardening

We are experts in terrace gardening
for growing vegetables, flowers, fruits,
ornamentals, and lawns on terraces.

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Vertical Garden

We undertake indoor & outdoor
vertical gardening with complete

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Garden Plan & Layout

We prepare computerized
garden plan, design &
layout as site.

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Kitchen Gardening

We prepare kitchen gardens
and provide technical
know how.

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Landscaping Services

We are engaged in offering a wide
range of Landscape Plants to the clients.
Landscape Plants are majorly used for
covering the ground with plants.

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Garden Maintenance

We are specialist in garden maintenance
such as Lawn maintenance, border and
hedge cutting, training and pruning of
plants, plant protection.

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Garden Development

We have huge experience in
developing formal and informal
types of garden with public as
well as private sectors.

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Supply of Plants

We supply all kind of ornamental
plants, indoor and outdoor plants,
roadside plants, avenue plants,
fruit plants.

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Establishment of Lawn

We undertake lawn plantation with various
varieties of lawn from preparation of soil,
application of compost and fertilizer, anti
termite treatment, lawn plantation and maintenance

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Establishment of Artificial Lawn

We establish artificial lawn as
per requirement of our clients.

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Irrigation System

We provide irrigation systems efficient
and suitable for gardening needs.

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Organic & Compost Gardening

As per requirement of our clients
we prepare organic gardens.

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